The Reality and Expectations, an Ayurveda Perspective

June 11, 2020
Pandemic Covid-19 has put us in a strange situation. Each individual irrespective of age and location is at risk of getting exposed to novel corona virus. The novel corona virus is known for its infective power and damaging rate. An inbuilt capacity to prevent the virus from entering the tissues, stopping its multiplication is the ideal measure to fight the pandemic. In the last few months reports from hospitals worldwide show that out of the total Covid-positive patients a majority have recovered. Many of those who succumb to the disease are with health issues such as diabetes, cardiac and respiratory illnesses. There are also reports of young people succumbing to Covid with heart attack or breathlessness.

In this background we at Tatkshana Ayurveda have been doing studies to understand what best Ayurveda can offer to help people fight Covid-19. And we found that an increased disease-resistance-power can tame the virus! Yes there are detailed descriptions about this in Ayurveda and it is called Rasayana Chikitsa – commonly known as Rejuvenative therapies. Detoxification is the prior requirement for Rejuvenation. Any matter present in excess quantity in the body acts as a toxin. Apart from this, there are certain herbal ingredients,mentioned in Ayurveda, that play a significant role in preventing virus from attaching to skin – entering the tissues. Selecting those herbs advocated by Ayurveda and supported by modern studies, formulate a preventive ‘Kashaya’ and present it to the public has become our priority. Immune Up is one such immediate response!

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