Self-Care is the fundamental health care: Advise of Ayurveda

June 30, 2020
When we are healthy we have to take care of our health. Health is a property of our body which has to be acquired with great discipline lifelong. When a pandemic such as Coid-19 arises the importance is multiplied. AthmaRaksha is the term mentioned in Ayurveda for self-care and is given primary importance. Our body is formed of five elements. All five elements are moving in the nature and allowing them to keep moving is necessary for a good health. I will explain this in detail further. When we feel thirsty, our body indicates that there is a deficit in water content and it has to be refilled immediately. When we feel to urinate,our body indicates that there is excess content of water or some of the excretory salts have to be thrown out from body through water. In both the cases, an immediate response from the individual will help his/her body to resume the operations smoothly. If not respondedon time, there happens to be many side effects. And if this is repeated regularly, the side effects accumulate and lead to major health complications. One simple example is weakened urinary bladder capacity in case of many; it may be the result of habit of avoiding urination for long hours. Sleep is one such important routine which many of us skip by consuming beverages such as coffee or tea or with a smoke. Sleep is highly essential for rejuvenation, as during sleep many damage repair process takes place. A sound sleep supports our immune system to a great extent. Ayurveda gives a lot of importance to proper sleeping habit. Early to bed and early to rise, is one of the best advises. Even if not able to abide by that rule, sleeping for minimum of six hours is very much necessary. We should closely observe the manner in which we get hunger. Somedo not feel hunger and some feela lot of hunger. Both are extremes. A feeling of mild hunger after 3 hours of a proper meal is sign of proper metabolism. Quality, quantity and timings of food matter a lot. Ayurvedic herbs influence each system of our body and can bring balance to otherwise deviated forces starting from cleansing the body to rejuvenation which leads to gradual buildup of Immunity.

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