Low Immunity: a fear factor for black fungus and relevance of Immune Up

May 23, 2021
Black fungus is not new as that of Corona, it is prevalent in patients of many kinds of health issues. HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and such health issues needs prolonged medication which lowers the immunity considerably leading to fungal infection. In case of Covid patients who get admitted to hospital and treated with steroid drugs to overcome the lung inflammation end up some time with black fungal infection. This is because the steroidal medication lowers immunity. Now the black fungal infection is reported in many who are not hospitalized but home quarantined after they become covid positive. When we search the reason behind their getting infected with black fungus, the finger points towards the masks they wear. It is doubted that due to reuse of mask the masks get wetness and there grow the fungus, and those who wear also gets infected. It is very virulent , spread fast to many parts of the body such as brain – eyes – lungs and doctors remove physically. Many times black fungus become fatal to the patient.

Head ache, sinus block , eye infection , reddishness of face and eye lids swelling ets are common symptoms of black fungal infection. But these symptoms are found in other infections also so a medical consultation can only clearly say what infection one has got.

It is a known fact that those who succumb to black fungus had a history of lower or poor immunity or were under immune suppresser treatment.

The need for boosting immunity is already been discussed for fighting Covid-19 is becoming more and more important with the emergence of other infectious diseases such as black fungus.

A look in to the ingredients of Tatkshana Ayurveda Immune Up brings confidence for its users. Those who already use immune Up from last one year have reported that they did not get cough or cold kind of issues which were frequent otherwise. What are those ingredients in Tatkshana Ayurveda Immune Up which makes it good in the fight against black fungus are Turmeric and Tinospora.

Curcumin present in turmeric is an excellent antifungal agent. Curcumin is known for boosting immunity against fungal infections.

Many studies have shown that Amrutha – Giloy – Tinospora extract has shown fungal growth prevention.

The slightly acidic medium of Tatkshana Ayurveda Immune Up activates the active ingredients when added and mixed in water. Which makes them faster and stronger in potency.

Keeping oneself immune fit is the mantra each of us should practice for live happily during and after the pandemic. Tatkshana Ayurveda Immune Up is the only ayurvedic immune boosting powder which is used for making instant drink. It is tasty so that kids and elders both like to drink it twice.

Black fungus affects diabetic patients faster , keeping in mind such requirements, “Immune Up Without Sugar “ a sugar free product is also made available. So that both normal as well as diabetic patients get the benefit of immune boosting.

Drinking Immune Up twice a day is advised.

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