How latest research is proving that licorice is helpful in Covid-19?

August 15, 2020
Licorice – Jyeshtamadhu (Glycyrrhizaglabra) is a major ingredient of Immune Up.It has been carefully added to the list of ingredients at the right stage of the formulation. Jyeshtamadhu is known for various beneficial aspects in Ayurveda.It is hailed by maharshis (learned saints) as somethingthat can rejuvenate the body- a Rasayana. Here we are glad to share with you a recent research performedunder advanced molecular modeling studies at a French institute by two scientists – ChrisitianBailly and Gerard Vergotten. The study is aimed to find drugs suitable to treat COVID – 19. They studiedon a well-known medicinal compound present in Jyeshtamdhu – named Glycyrrhizin for its potential to prevent the Corona virus from entering the cells. They further described that Corona virus needs certain types of compounds in our body membrane / skin to enter our systems. It further requires those compounds – namely lipids to be arranged in a particular manner.Glycyrrhiza present in licorice rearranges the lipids and this makes it difficult for the virus to enter. The most notable point is that this compound is used in modern medicines in Japan for liver disease treatment. They also use this for treatment of inflammation. And both the cases are associated with immunity. This compound naturally extracted from Jyeshtamdhu has shown antiviral properties. From past 30 years it is also being used for HIV treatment. The virus need to multiply to create further damage to tissues and this multiplication is effectively blocked by this compound. Immunity is formed of various biochemical pathways involving cytokines and certain enzymes. The proper function of enzymes is necessary for virus activity and these are inhibited. And the inhibition of viral enzymes means inhibition of virus itself.
They enlighten us with one more interesting fact.This active principle Glycyrrhizin present in licorice of Immune Up really enhances the capacity of any antiviral medicine taken in case of severe infection.
We already know that Tatkshana Ayurveda Immune Up is formed of many such herbs which work together such as black pepper and turmeric. The news coming from researchers like Bailly are really encouraging. Let us wait for more such studies to come forward. Let us drink and Immune Up ourselves… Cheers !!

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