Fighting cancer with Immunity and Role of Immune Boosters

February 2, 2021

What is cancer?

Human body is formed of millions of cells. These cells obey certain rules and regulations and live in good terms with their adjacent cells and tissues. What are the rules let us see, they all have to follow a particular speed of growth , particular limit of division, repair and death at times as decided by the body. They have to either move or not move from their original body parts or locations where they are supposed to be. In case of blood cells they have to be in the blood stream and should not pass to other tissues. Due to various reasons this order or rules are not obeyed by few cells and this results in either their over multiplication to form tumors or they detach from their original tissues or locations and start moving to other body parts where they interfere in the functions of the other body part. They start using the food for other cells and grow. They do not do the duties which they are supposed to do and these leads to lot of troubles in body. This condition in general is called as Cancer.

The cancerous cells can be equated with other infectious bodies such as virus or bacteria which enter from outside and start multiplying and cause diseases, only difference is here the cancer cells are formed inside patients body. Another big difference is cancer cells are almost similar to other normal cells and any medicine given to kill cancer cells will also kill or damage near by normal cells and tissues causing huge damage due to which developing medicine for cancer is a tricky and has been a difficult task in the history of medicine.

Role of Immunity

In the above background , immunity plays very important role in preventing and managing the cancer disease. There is a system which safeguards human body from various diseases and which includes innate and acquired immunity is called immune system. It is formed of various organs such as skin, tissues, cells, glands  and have many functions. One major function of immune system is the identification of infection agents such as bacteria, fungi  and fighting against them, another function being identifying malfunctioning cells of own body tissues and making them to kill themselves, this process is also called as autolysis. There is also a programmed cell death called apoptosis which many cells undergo in normal condition, and in case of cancer apoptosis does not occur. There are cells such as phagocytes which usually kill the cells of bacterias or malfunctioning cells, but in case of low immunity they also do not function properly. So here lies the importance of boosting the immunity.

In case of cancer patients immunity is found to be low due to malnutrition, chemotherapy, surgery. Which aggravates the condition further.

In case of patients who has family history of cancer or have identified metastasis has to manage good immune system.Many studies have found that immune boosting helps to recover fast and better from cancer condition.

How the ingredients of immune up helps fighting various kinds of cancer will be described in the next blog. Till then maintain your immunity good luck.

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