Immune Up is a drink mix ( Kashaya ) formulated by Tatkshana Ayurveda Hospital and Pharmacy, Bangalore. It is made up of 12 herbs that improve metabolism and boost immunity.
The ingredients of Immune Up are perfectly suitable for humans of any age. All of us now need to boost the inbuilt disease-resistance-capacity to fight the viruses. So we can start taking it daily.
Yes. We advise the lactating mothers to take one cup of Immune Up drink daily. This will strengthen the mother’s immunity as well as of the baby’s.
Kids below 5 years should take half a spoon of Immune Up powder mixed well in a cup of lukewarm water, once daily. Immune Up tastes good, so kids love it.
Immune Up is vegetarian product. And it is vegan friendly.
(a) People over 60 years of age. (b) Those with existing medical conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and cancer etc.).
Your Immunity is the natural security system in your body. When it falls weak or fails to fight the germs or viruses, your organs get infected. It is important to empower your immune system before the viruses attack you. So, yes, you need to boost your immunity.
All these herbs have their own vital properties and healing capacities. According to Ayurveda this power should be used wisely. Immune Up is a mix of 12 such major herbs. Five among them are very important for long-term immunity, and not easily available. Tatkshana Ayurveda has collected and mixed the herbs following ancient Ayurvedic teachings to formulate a preventive medicine. A single curative remedy is more effective and faster in action than multiple remedies.
Yes. Metabolism imbalance due to overweight leads to poor immunity! One can use Immune Up. The herbs in it detoxify the system, improves metabolism and boosts immunity.
Yes. With systematic intake of Ayurvedic herbs which are recommended for improving metabolism and rejuvenation, it is possible to improve Immunity.
Immune Up tastes very well with Cold water or with Ice cubes added to the Drink. But avoid it if you have a history of recurring cold.
Diabetic patients are advised to go for the “Immune Up Without Sugar” pack.
No. Immune Up is a very tasty formula, made after careful research for all members of a family including kids.
Tatkshana Ayurveda, Bangalore formulated a preventive immunity booster named Immune Up, to fight the Novel Corona Virus. Now, with a mission to make every Indian strong against the deadly virus, they have raised this clarion call. Immune Up India.
Around 11.00 AM in the morning and around 4.00 PM in the evening.
Tatkshana Ayurveda suggests, (a) Chyawanprash , (b) Ashwagandha Churna for further improvement of one’s immunity.

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