Covid – 19 High risk categories and role of Immune Up

July 6, 2020
Immunity is outcome of proper functioning of all organs of our body. The immune system becomes weak due to certain health issues. They are Diabetes, high Blood pressure, cardiac issues, kidney disease, liver disease, respiratory diseases such as Asthma and other comparatively less occurring issues such as memory loss. Each of the above health issues cause lack of immunity due to various physiological imbalances. In case of diabetes, the required nutritionis not supplied to organs in proper quantities.This malfunctionweakensthe specific activityof the organ. The remedy in this case is management of blood sugar levels with medication. Immune Up has TinosporaCordifolia (Amrutha) in the mixture as a main ingredient. It is helpful in managing blood sugar levels as per Ayurveda.Though the purpose of Amrutha in Immune Up is to boost Immunity, it will also perform as blood sugar manager in diabetic patients . According to Ayurveda, there are many roles played by a herb and that is the advantage of using a whole herb than using only the specific active principles. The herbs like dry ginger, kalmegh, black pepper playmultipleroles by activating and protecting internal organs, including Kidney and Liver. So patients of high risk category can consume Immune Up regularly, without any hesitation. It has beneficial effects on the other medications these patients are taking.

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